Investment partnership between Saudi, Yemeni businessmen [Archives:2003/664/Business & Economy]

September 1 2003

The 90-member Saudi businessmen delegation that visited Yemen last week has come out with positive results on conclusion of its discussion with Yemeni counterparts.
The two parties have agreed on setting up United Committee to consider possible opportunities for the establishment of investment partnership in vital areas.
During its stay the Saudi delegation visited Aden trade and tourist center, Aden Cisterns, meeting a number of merchants and businessmen their expressing admiration of investment privileges in Aden's free zone.
On its visit to the city of Taiz the Saudi delegation visited the biggest trade and industrial firms as well as many to rest utilities and companies for food industries.
The Saudi delegation expressed admiration of tourist diversity, calling on both private and public sectors to invest in Yemeni tourism on order to surmount many of difficulties and financial challenges.
In the delegation's meeting with the minister of industry and trade Dr. Khaled Sheikh, bilateral relations, partnership and cooperation in vestment and inter-trade and solving problems and impediments facing the flow of trade between the two countries.
The Saudi businessmen had also praised development climate and investment environment in Yemen, a matter urging them towards the establishment of a partnership with Yemeni investors.
It is accepted that relationship between Saudi and Yemeni businessmen would see a bigger development in the coming period particularly in developing joint investment in the tourist sector.