Iranian embassy celebrates anniversary [Archives:2004/711/Local News]

February 12 2004

The Iranian embassy in Sana'a held a reception at the Taj Sheba Gotel last Tuesday to celebrate the 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the Iranian Islamic revolution.
Several ambassadors and diplomats attended the reception, which also included hundreds of intellects and prominent personalities.
Meanwhile, Iranian leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei granted amnesty or commuted sentences of a group of Iranian prisoners, convicted at the country's general, revolutionary or military courts.
The amnesty included commutation of life imprisonments to 15 years for some, as well as release of convicts under 18 years of age and men over 65. Women convicts over 50 were also granted freedom.
Analysts believe that 25 years after the revolution, Iran has developed faster than other Middle East countries. Iran's development pace in industry, education, technology, science, and even in politics exceeded that of all Arab countries, who are currently importing many products from Iran, including vehicles and electrical equipment.
Meanwhile, the democratic achievements of Iran are also ahead of Arab countries.
Perhaps Iran is the only Muslim country in the Middle East that signaled a peaceful transfer of power, and is among the few that enjoy a wide range of rights for women in work and political life.