Iranian Official Holds Press Conference [Archives:2001/39/Local News]

September 24 2001

Mr. Hadi Khameni, head of the Yemeni-Iranian Friendship Association, held a press conference on September 19, 2001, at the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Iran in Sana’a. A number of journalists and correspondents of foreign news agencies in Sana’a attended the press conference. During the press conference, Mr. Had Khameni discussed different issues related to Yemeni-Iranian relations and cooperation. Replying to a question of a Yemen Times representative on the obstacles obstructing the accomplishment of the different bilateral agreements between the two fraternal nations, Khameni said that one of the missions of this delegation is to follow up with the Yemeni side and urge it to promptly remove the obstacles hindering the implementation of the different bilateral agreements and protocols.
“The Iranian side is keen to put into practice all the agreements and we are waiting for the cooperation of the Yemeni side,” Khameni added. Mr. Hadi Khameni concluded the press conference, saying that Yemen and Iran are two Islamic nations that have much potential for cooperation, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, technology and investment and in the different areas of science, culture and development.