Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Sahaf’s Visit to Yemen [Archives:1999/08/Law & Diplomacy]

February 22 1999

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1999 the Iraqi delegation headed by Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Sahaf arrived in Sanaa on a short visit to Yemen. Mr. Sahaf delivered a message to the Yemeni President and stated to the media that he discussed with President Ali Abdulla Saleh and other Yemeni officials a number of issues and exchanged point of views regarding Arab and International matters.
In his second day of the visit, Mr. Al Sahaf met a group of Yemeni political party leaders at the residence of the Arab Baath Socialist Party Leader, Dr. Qasim Salam. There they discussed the latest development in the Arab Arena and Iraq’s conditions. They reviewed the Iraqi peoples stand against the continuos violations of the American and the British against their country and the negative stand of the Arabs towards their legitimate case. During the meeting, Mr. Sahaf demanded Arab nations’ support for an issue that represents the Arab and Moslems of Iraq, and he called for a mutual action to lift the unjust embargo imposed on Iraq. Mr. Sahaf left Sana’a on Friday the 19th heading to Syria.