Iryani’s Government Gets “OK” from Parliament [Archives:1998/23/Front Page]

June 8 1998

The Government of Dr. Abdul-Karim Al-Iryani got a positive nod from parliament. After studying the new government’s program, 226 deputies voted in favor, 17 against, 26 cast a blank vote, and 9 deputies did not show up for the voting session, on Sunday 7th June, 1998.
An elated prime minister, Dr. Al-Iryani, said that he will not let down those deputies who gave him their confidence. There was never really any doubt that the government will get the votes it needed, given that the People’s General Congress has a majority of seats in the current parliament. But, there were serious questions about the ability of the government to deliver the overly ambitious promises it had made. As one deputy put it, “We will be happy if it achieves  50% of the promises made by the government.”