Is Women’s Beauty Marred by Smoking? [Archives:2000/31/Health]

July 31 2000

A Survey
Layla Malek
Media College
Smoking is detrimental to health. About 11,000 people die daily of serious diseases such as cancer, heart attacks and TB because of smoking habit, especially those addicted to smoking hubble-bubble.
Medical reports affirm that women smokers are more affected by smoking than men. In fact they do not harm only themselves but their babies, if they are pregnant. Therefore, they should be fully aware of the harms of smoking.
What do women smokers say?
A piece of Advice
I wanted to try it when I used to see my husband smoking. I did and I became addicted. I smoke in the morning, afternoon and at midnight at an average of a packet a day. I just feel tired if I try to give it up.
My family does know that I am smoking. I am worried that my brother gets idea about that.
People should stop smoking. It means damaging health, spending much money and in disgraceful.
I know that it is detrimental
I used to smoke the hubble-bubble. After that I traveled to Egypt where I missed my hubble-bubble. My husband encouraged me to smoke cigarettes instead. When I came back to Yemen I was a heavy smoker. I have been smoking for 12 years.
I know that it’s detrimental, but no way. I can not help it. Beginners should give it up at once.
I have done it.
A.Y, married.
I have smoked for about 4 years. I used to admire women smokers in sessions or occasions. I just wanted to be like them. After a period of time, I got bored of myself, telling myself that I should be distinguished. So I gave it up. I feel comfortable now.
S.M, married.
I spend a lot of money on cigarettes and tobacco. I sometimes smoke the cheapest and the worst in the market when I have not enough money.
I wish that cigarette factories and tobacco shops are banned in Yemen.
I first smoke the hubble-bubble with my neighbor. I used to prepare it for her. After that I tried cigarettes with my husband. I am not a heavy smoker. I smoke only when chewing Qat or with my husband. I do not smoke cigarettes in the presence of guests. People usually do not respect women smoking cigarettes. So I just smoke the hubble-bubble.
I have been smoking for 15 years. I suffer insomnia if do not smoke at least one cigarette.
Shelty, Ethiopian
I have smoked the hubble-bubble for 3 years. All my friends are smokers. I used to smoke everyday afternoon when we got together. I gave it up when I heard about its harms and I suffered some of them. Now I feel all-right.
I felt inclined to smoke when I was pregnant. I stopped smoking for two years after giving birth. But began to smoke again when meeting my friends. I am addicted to the hubble-bubble. I am fully aware that it is unhealthy. I am trying to get rid of it gradually.
A. A. Third year, College of Commerce
I began smoking at the end of my secondary school. It was just an imitation of my friends. It was exciting. My friends and I have a day on which we weekly gather to chew qat and smoke. My family does not know about this. My pocket money is spent on smoking. I know that it is bad, I feel my body weak.
S.K, Secondary graduate
A lot of my friends smoke. So I joined them in smoking the hubble-bubble. I have bought one for myself and I hide it in our house. I take it out with me when I go to a friend’s. We always pay for it alternatively. When I smoke at home, I spray perfumes in the room to let nobody smell it.
What do non-smokers say.
Smoking causes cancer, heart diseases, etc. Women smokers are shameless and should not be respected at all.
Fatimah Al-Yamani, university student
I hate it. I can not stand its smell. I will never abandon myself to smoking. I know what is right and what is wrong.
R.M. University student.
Although they know that it is harmful, many are addicted to it. Women smokers are, in my opinion, irresponsible. They are mothers and they endanger their babies by smoking.
Ahmad Yahia Al-Wareeth
Our traditions and conventions do not allow women to smoke unless they are married. What I mean by smoking here is the hubble-bubble. Women who smoke before marriage are looked upon disapprovingly.
My father allows my mother to smoke the hubble-bubble. I have no objection to my wife’s doing the same if she likes it. But she must stop it during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fudhail.
It is a bad habit and even worse for women to be taken to. I can not see my mother, sister or wife smoking. That will spare money and save their health.
Abdul Malik Al-Nono.
I do not smoke. I can not agree to let one of my family members smoke. Our society, in general, despises women smokers.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaiqani.
It has been reported that many smokers die very young in industrial countries.
Smoking is more harmful for pregnant women than it is for men. It can cause miscarriage. Babies born of a smoking mother are usually underweight. Babies may even die as a result of breathing smoke of their mothers’ cigarettes. As far as smoker mothers are concerned, they are liable to many diseases, especially lung cancer.
Women suffering from smoking habit try to deny it or hide that fact when brought to hospitals for treatment.
The WHO reports refer to a great number of smokers from both sexes. Our country is one of the participants in the activities of the International Day For Banning smoking scheduled on May 31 every year, and in which a number of seminars are held to publicize statistics on results of smoking in the world. Everybody who wants to enjoy good health should give up smoking if he/she is already a smoker