Islah Asks for Changes in the Government [Archives:1999/40/Local News]

October 4 1999

Yemen Times contacted Dr. Abdul Rahman Ba Fadl, the President of the Islah Caucus in the parliament and asked him two questions; the first one is about the stands of the Islah towards the situation of the Empirical Research and Women studies Center. The second one is about the credibility of the news that the Islah Caucus at the Parliament has asked for the change of the government of Dr. Iryani. This is the reply of Dr. Ba Fadl.
“Concerning the last conference held in the Empirical Research and Women Studies Center in Sana’a University , the most dangerous thing is that they approved for the second time what is called “gender”, a phrase that has no location in our culture or language. In China, people were divided in reference to its meaning for those from Latin America, Vatican, the Catholic and many countries from Western World were against so “why Yemen should take the leadership in supporting and propagating this world of gander?!” It has the danger of meaning filing that there is no male no female. In Sana’a conference itself an Italian lady said “we are against gender. For us man is a man and woman is a woman”. Other three women from Egypt, participated in the conference, said that they have never heard about gender but in Yemen. So why Raoofa Hassan is trying to push this in Yemen with its dangerous meaning for the mankind not only for Yemen. It insults our constitution, our religion, culture. This will finally lead us to go to a new relation between women and men which is different from the family which we know. IN china, they recognized more than six or seven relationship between man and women different from the family. So a woman can marry a woman, a man can marry a man and a group of men and women can have a free life together. Can you believe it?!!!
You know the west has two sides in their civilization one of them is the excellent scientific side concerning technology , agriculture, economy, medicine, conquering the space, etc. However, the human studies side, such as philosophy, history, geography, arts where we are so rich and we are not in need of what they have. We can instead give them.”
Concerning the news that the Islah has asked for the change of the government of Dr. Iryani, Dr. Ba Fadl said: “This is something I came to know only from you. I was in the parliament from the early morning till the end and nobody talked about this issue at all. Moreover, the whole session was announced today on TV and no one talked about this issue.
What I stated to Al-Bayan Newspaper when they asked me about the President’s Program is that the presidential elections are a victory to Yemenis. For this is the first time ever. This will also eliminate the possibilities of Military coup d’tat, or power by heritage which will never happen again. I also said that the program of the President is magnificent for it is rich of things that will help a lot in the economic side, fighting corruption, reinforce power and security, take care of people and improve the standard of living. But I also said the question whether the program of President Saleh will be applied or not will depend upon the executive power and if no changes take place in the government, it will not succeed in applying this program as it did not succeed to apply its own program which was declared in the Parliament before. So what we hope is that the president will reinforce this government with new qualified staff as well as cadre from the BGC.”