Islah calls on JMP to implement political reform program [Archives:2006/917/Front Page]

January 2 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 31 ) In a media statement obtained by the Yemen Times, the Yemeni Islah Party's Shura Council (IPSC) called on the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) to work on their political reform program and increase public awareness of it.

The council urged all political and social forces to uphold the reform program proposed by the six main Yemeni opposition parties. The program was announced in the final days of 2005 and aims to shape a better future for Yemen and free it from the crises influencing Yemenis.

The IPSC emphasized the need to reshuffle the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER). It demanded the Islah High Authority and General Secretariat work harder for SCER reshuffling and seriously consider participating in upcoming elections.

IPSC's statement demanded all national forces exert effort to improve Yemen's economic situation, holding the ruling General People's Congress accountable for the economy's deterioration and lack of national security and stability.

The statement called on the government to apply the wage law based on qualifications and years of service, not on other unfair considerations. It added that human rights abuse, restricting public freedoms and other practices in Yemen contravene the law and the Constitution, urging the government to respect human rights, as well as Yemeni citizens' dignity and freedom.

The IPSC condemned illegal practices reflected in combating the role of civil community organizations and parties, confiscating newspapers and other violations. It demanded concerned governmental parties reconsider the new draft press law with the main objective of protecting press freedoms and ensuring journalists' rights.

The council appealed to human rights organizations and governments worldwide to intervene in securing the release of Sheikh Mohamed Al-Moyyad and his aide Mohamed Zayed. It said the U.S. Administration should be pressured to limit such malicious conduct and human rights discrimination.

The IPSC recommended the National Committee defend Al-Moyyad and Zayed to step up efforts and follow up coordination between governmental bodies and the public to secure the pair's release. It renewed its strong rejection of charges filed by the U.S. against IPSC Chairman and Iman University Rector, Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani. It also praised efforts expended by President Saleh during his recent U.S. visit in defending Sheikh Al-Zindani

The council congratulated Palestinians for successful legislative elections that were an example of integrity, freedom and transparency, despite the fact they were conducted under complicated conditions. It commended Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's role in conducting the legislative poll on time and in a free and transparent manner.

The IPSC praised Hamas's stance and adherence to joint work with all Palestinian forces to fulfill Palestinian ambitions, calling on Arab and Islamic governments to support Palestinians. It also urged the international community to respect Palestinians' will and help them achieve their ambitions.