Islah Charitable Welfare Society supports small projects [Archives:2003/650/Local News]

July 14 2003

Encouraging and developing the small projects is an essential and pioneering step to transform the charitable work from the taking care and sympathy stage to development and production stage.
The idea of small projects in Yemen is still in the process of the establishment.
Islah Charitable Welfare Society cooperating with the number of regional and international organizations have recently adopted the program of developing small projects.
Mr. Fouad Abdualateef, manager of the program for development of the small projects in the society, told Yemen Times “The program of development of small projects offers a series of small-size finance to be easily repaid by the vocational and small-business owners within their aim to participate indirectly in alleviating employment and improving the level of individual- income as well as poverty reduction.
Mr. Fuad pointed out that the projects have been distributed as 540 service projects, 1915 commercial projects and 498 industrial projects that are supported by UNDP, AGFUND and IDF.
Only Yemeni nationals are allowed to benefit from the program, added to that they should have constant activity of at least 6 months and the finance should be offered in raw materials.
The program is ambitious to finance 8000 men and women till 2007 besides preparing constant development program for beneficiaries in the sectors of health, education, social, illiteracy eradication, training and rehabilitation, particularly educate and rehabilitate woman in all fields.