Islah confirms its solidarity with JMP and Sheikh Zindani [Archives:2007/1029/Front Page]

March 1 2007

By: Yasser Al-Mayasi
SANA'A, Feb. 27 ) The Yemeni Islah Party concluded on Monday its fourth conference which lasted for three days. In its concluding statement, Islah assured it will work on developing its different structures and adjust its systems and bylaws. It further stressed it will adhere to the Joint Meeting Parties' vision and work with the opposition to correct all aspects relating to the electoral process according to the Agreement of Principles signed by opposition parties and the General People Congress, the ruling party. The statement also showed solidarity with Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani and denounced American accusations against him. It further asked the government to exert efforts to release Sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayyed and Mohammed Zaid who are detained over baseless terrorist accusations in America after they were kidnapped from Germany in 2003.

The conference re-elected Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussain Al-Ahmer as chairman of Islah's higher authority, Mohammed Al-Yadomi as deputy chairman and Suliman Al-Ahdel chairman of Islah's judicial authority.

Further, the party elected 130 people as members of its Shoura Council.

The party also stressed the importance of creating a political dialogue among all political forces and helping Yemen's development by an optimal exploitation of economic resources together with securing enough allowances for health and education in a way that creates real and sustainable development.

It also emphasized the importance of enhancing the partnership between Yemen and other countries, especially Gulf countries. Further, the statement asked the government to exploit the grants and loans to serve the economic and social development and to show transparency in their administration.

Moreover, the statement called for ensuring workers' rights especially those affiliated with the private sector. It also criticized some private companies and establishments' violations of labor law and the International Labor Code Yemen ratified.

Additionally, the statement asked for supporting women and eradicating illiteracy among them.