Islah Delegation Fly to Sudan [Archives:2000/01/Local News]

January 3 2000

A delegation from the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah), headed by Mohammed Al-Yadomi, Secretary General of the party, left Sanaa for Sudan on Wednesday December 29, 1999 in an attempt to smooth things over between President Omar Hassan Al-Basheer and the Secretary General of the National Congress, Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi. Close sources indicate that the delegation has a new initiative to lower the tension which is mounting among the ruling figures. The initiative, as the same sources indicate, aims at narrowing the conflict before it escalates into a confrontation that would damage the Sudanese pattern as a developing Islamic movement in the Mideast. It is worth mentioning that, Dr. Al-Turabi expressed his willingness to visit Yemen, a matter which, as close political sources point out, would not be appreciated by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The same sources think that Dr. Al-Turabi would not visit Yemen, especially after President Ali Abdullah Saleh expressed his support to President Omar Al-Basheer who dissolved the parliament and announced a state of emergency.
Islamic groups are worried about the sudden change of attitude towards Al-Turabi which they consider as a regression for the Islamic movement.