Islah SGC Winds up Today [Archives:2000/47/Local News]

November 20 2000

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) concludes today the Second General Congress launched Saturday. During the opening ceremony which was attended by a number of political leaders, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Hussain Al-Ahmar, chairmen of Islah brought to light a number of current issues in the country and the surroundings, asserting the need to cope with democratic changes and developments taking place world-wide. He said that we had to do our best to make the democratic course take root in the country asserting that democracy was not a mere slogan but rather a practice and commitment to laws. He also asserted support for the Palestinian Intifadah and Palestinians who were exposed to massacres by Israelis amid the international community silence and Arab and Islamic defeatism manifested by the results of the Arab and Islamic summits.
In the ceremony, speeches were delivered by some secretary generals of some parties including PGC, YSP, NDP and ABP. The agenda included listening to the Supreme Authority chairmans report, discussing internal and international issues, endorsing the general outstanding by law amendments, discussing and endorsing amendment of the political platform.