ISLAM: A System of Life [Archives:1999/29/Culture]

July 19 1999

We all know that Islam is a system of practical human life in all its aspects. This is a system that entails the ideological ideal the convincing concept which expounds the nature of the universe and determines the position of man in this universe as well as his ultimate objectives therein. Islam represents the doctrines and practical organizations which emanate from and depend upon this ideological ideal and make of it a reality reflected upon the everyday life of human beings. These doctrines and organizations include the ethical foundation and its sustaining power, the political system together with its form and characteristics, the social order and its bases and values, the economic order with its philosophy and institutions, and the international organism with its interrelations. In fact, the Islamic system is so comprehensive, interdependent and interwoven that it covers all aspects of human life and the various genuine need of man as well as his different activities.
This religion, therefore, is not a mere emotional belief, cut off from the actual domain of human life, as if any such Divine religion could be purely emotional and exclusive. It is not the minimum rites of worship that believers would collectively or individually perform to achieve an appearance of faith. Nor is Islam limited to being a guide on the path to paradise or heaven in the hereafter, while there are means which by pass religion, when it comes to realizing secular welfare.
The ramifications of the Islamic system are in obvious and profound that it would be futile to attempt depicting it as an emotional creed divorced from practical life’s organizations and institutions. Nor could it be taken as a belief that promises a paradise in the next life to those who perform its rituals, without applying in their everyday life its distinctly unique institutions, jurisprudence and methodology.
We are aware of the strenuous efforts which have been exerted by the enemies of Islam such as Zionism or Christianity for a long time in a effort to confine Islam to the emotional and ritual circles, and to be it from participating in the activity of life, and to check it complete predominance over every human secular activity, a position it earns by virtue of its nature and function.
Nevertheless, we are certain that this religion of Islam is so intrinsically genuine, so colossal and deeply rooted that all such efforts and brutal concussions will avail nothing. We are also certain that the dire need of mankind for this system is much stronger than the acrimonious hate of its enemies. Humanity is heading for the deep, awful precipice of destruction. The sages are ringing the bells of alarm and are searching for the way of escape, but there is no escape – expect by returning to God (Allah) and by following.
His path and righteous system. From everywhere there are loud voices of people calling for help and rescue who are searching for a “Savior” with certain imagined features and properties. But these features and properties belong to this religion of Islam and to nothing else.
By: Abdulqawi Dahan Ahmed