Islamic gem worth $30,000,000 [Archives:2003/647/Last Page]

July 3 2003
Religious scholars admit that the gem has an Islamic touch.
Religious scholars admit that the gem has an Islamic touch.
Syed Fahmi Al Shahab

The world's most unique gemstone that mysteriously and conspicuously depicts images pertaining to Islam is now for sale. Its price ranges around USD 30 million. It is the only gem in the world known to have such attributes.
The cabochon cut gemstone, which measures 37mm by 30mm and weighing 86.05 carats, naturally bears an image of a man wearing a turban who seems to be in prayer. Among other things is a scimitar beside him and a book which is believed by many to be the Glorious Holy Quran. At the background is the exit of the cave in which he is in.
The origins of the stone and how old it exactly is remains unknown till this day. It had been given to a poor farmer by an old man in 1879 and has since been passed down from generations to generations that it has become a family heirloom.
Due to very personal reasons undisclosed, the owner of the stone has decided to sell the stone. Although many have offered very high prices for the stone, he is still looking for the right buyer. The right buyer does not necessarily mean the highest bidder as there are other factors for consideration.
But what makes this gemstone so beautiful and sought after is that it naturally has depictions which are significant. The most unique and most significant gemstone is also the most meaningful. Unlike other gems which value increases with its rarity, the gemstone has intrinsic value of which is unrivaled. Other gems such as diamonds and sapphires are expensive because they are rare, with very small numbers available in the world. The word rare cannot even come to describe this gemstone for it is the only one of its kind in the whole world.