Islamic sects in YemenContradictory stands towards parliamentary elections [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

The 27 April parliamentary elections results announced last week, showed participation of all Yemeni 22 political parties and organizations with their different national, Islamic and socialist orientations while other Islamic sects didn't specify their stands vis-a-vis elections process.
Sources mentioned that al-Salafia movement stand, which is considered one of the strongest Islamic groups found in Yemen, was clear and didn't take part in the elections describing them as an act of infidelity and imitation of the west.
However, some sources indicated that some of al-Salafia elements had supported the al-Dawa candidates (extremists) from the Brotherhood Muslims movements.
About Shiite al-Ethnashria (al-Gafrites) that has existence in some areas, called on its followers to back General People's Congress candidates attempting to gain the ruling party support for its activities to face what is called al-Wahabi movement in Islah party with whom they have intellectual-pragmatic enmity.
Regarding the Jews in Yemen who are extensively inhabit in Sadah information indicated that they were supporting al-Hak, an Islamic party which adopts al-Zaidi-alhaidwi ideas.
Al-Bohra and al-Ismaelite stand obviously was for GPC candidate in Sana'a, Haraz and Jibla.
The second section in the al-Salafia movement that is represented in al-Hikma al-Yemenia members, backed Brotherhood Muslims movement candidates.
However, the stands of al-Hijra, al-Takfeer (Disbelieving), and al-Dawa groups which have simple existence in most Yemen areas is not clear till now.
The Islamic jihad movement does not show any stand against the operation and might boycott.
So, the Islamic groups by any means have participated in these elections that were held on April 27th.