Israel against the world [Archives:2004/759/Viewpoint]

August 29 2004

The defiance of Israel, and the support it got from the USA and Australia, in opposing the UN vote on the necessity to have Israel demolish the so-called security barrier, is yet another indication that the small state is again at odds with most of the rest of the world.
This also confirms the belief of many countries and people, about the unbelievably strong influence of Israel on the USA concerning various issues about Israel. Such extreme or radical positions of the USA and Israel are deepening the gap between those two countries and the world. The polls around the world, particularly in Europe, are unprecedented in their anti-Israel stance and in a way more than at any other time.
The support of 150 countries for the UN decision to request Israel to remove the barrier, (which was judged to be illegal according to the International Court of Justice of The Hague, was also not enough to enforce this state to abide by international law.
It is easily concluded that Israel is almost 100% dependent upon the USA to block any potential security resolution that would force the country to comply. If we take the vote as a democratic expression of nations of the world, we would arrive at the conclusion that again, Israel, and its regular ally, the USA, have come out again against the international will of the rest of the world.
Then again, Americans still ask, “Why do Arabs hate our government?”. It is obvious that the USA's performance in Iraq, the Middle East, and elsewhere was very inefficient, and biased. With the USA doing its best to hurt Arabs through its unjustified, non-conditional support for an occupying country, in violation of international law, it will never be appealing to Arab and Muslim people any where in the world.
Again, we find Israel defying intentional opinion and consensus, and we still find the US supporting it regardless of whether it is right or wrong. I wonder if Americans are as undemocratic as to think that the whole world is wrong and only Israel is right. If they think so, then I deeply believe that Americans are still unable to resist the influence of the political media and resort to common sense and logical thinking. Will the day come that Americans realize this?
I hope so.