Israel rejects Yemeni donations [Archives:2006/977/Local News]

August 31 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 29 ) Donations coming from Yemeni citizens aren't reaching Palestinians in need.

A shipment of nearly 80 tons of food that was a joint donation by Egypt and Yemen was rejected by Israel, according to Saba agency.

The aid, which are seized in Al-Arish airport in Egypt, consist of 50 tons of flour offered from Egypt along with 26 tons of Yemeni aids, according to Saba.

The Popular Committee for supporting Palestinian and Lebanese people condemned Israel's actions.

“The prevention of Israeli occupation to access the Yemeni humanitarian aids for the Palestinian people is one of the daily Israeli violations against the rights of the Palestinian people,” says the committee.

The committee calls on all human rights and international relief organizations to interfere so the aid enters as soon as possible as these aids include medicine that might expire after long stays on the borders

In its meeting, the committee reviewed the measures that have been taken to ensure safe arrive of aid sent on Sunday by land to Beruit, Lebanon.

The aid was carried on nine locomotives that will pass Gardh Passage to Bruit consisted of 170 tons of food that Yemeni citizens have donated, according to the committee.

Representatives of Yemen's three mobile phone companies explained to the committee their system to receive donations with text messages.