Israel, USA and Arab Defeatism [Archives:2001/32/Focus]

August 6 2001

Nawal Ahmad Al-Haddad
To begin with, I’d like to talk about those ingredients which qualify us to be at the forefront of the world’s people. First of all, the religious and historical ingredients, probably the most important and strategic factors which lie at the heart of the world, both economically and militarily. Before that, however, we have to completely understand the elevated status bestowed on us by Allah. We are the Qur’an’s nation, we have been and always will be the world’s leaders. Thus we should put these ingredients before our eyes so as to appreciate and pinpoint our real position nowadays among the world nations. Oddly enough, how we end up showing the amenableness, weakness and defeatism, which are alien to our Islamic identity and values. Instead of confirming to the world that we are still alive, able to reject anything wrong and correct it, we became puppets moved by other forces which don’t have what we possess. In addition, we are controlled by personal benefits which constrain us to do something we don’t like. So we got helpless even to talk frankly without fear or hesitation. We became unable to solve our simple problems by ourselves, therefor we let others do that. Regarding the Palestinian affair, how this masked enemy strengthens and fattens those flocks of human animals which call themselves (the chosen people of God). The masked enemy supports those animals politically, economically and militarily. On the other hand that enemy always tries to make mischief among us to weaken our power and admittedly put us at his mercy. All that to protect Israel’s security. In spite of these clear facts, we race to get the approval of that masked enemy who claims that he is the patron of peace in the world, protector of human rights.
But in fact this enemy is the focus of terrorism and corruption. This truth is as evident as sun light, throughout his deeds everywhere in the world. This enemy is the USA, which has the right to infringe international laws. Thus it can attack any place under the pretext of punitive measures, but the other side doesn’t have the right to object. The USA calls us to disarm while at the same time it provides Israel with murderous weapons. But if we possess those weapons to protect ourselves it is an inexcusable sin. On the other hand, when Israel has intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombs and other kinds of lethal weapons, that is a matter of course. And when Palestinian people throw stones at Israeli soldiers, they are faced by intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombs and other kinds of lethal weapons. And when Palestinian people throw stones at Israeli soldiers or crowds of settlers, they are described as terrorists. But when Jews slaughter women and children, and men confiscate land, evicting people from their homes and pulling up trees nobody even moves a finger. Israel always commits the most terrible massacres. The crowds of settlers try to deform anything Arabic, defile our sanctuaries and turn them into clubs, hotels and places for rubbish. In spite of all these evil deeds, the USA remains silent and concocts baseless pretensions to lend legality to those heinous acts. And we Arabs only condemn, demur and proclaim our denunciation. This is all that we can do against these wild crimes. Why? Clearly, the USA is the staunchest supporter of Israel. How can this intermediary realize the need for justice. It really is strange to believe that there is evidence of a policy to divide us. Undoubtedly, the reason for these calamities is that we stayed far away from Allah and his preaching. So this is Allah’s punishment for our forgetfulness, granted that “we are the best nation who have come to people to order them to do good and urge them to leave evil”. We also forget that the matter of life and death is a fate from Allah and not from the USA or other forces, so we show defeatism. But we should redress the balance and make use of all our ingredients to prevent that snobbish enemy form deriding us and playing with us like a ball. All that will happen when we actually do something, and not just talk, because actions speak louder than words.