Israeli fishing nets flood Aden’s market and sea [Archives:2004/764/Local News]

August 16 2004

Aden bureau
A number of traditional fishermen in the Aden area stated that disruption of the migration of fish to spawning grounds and the destruction of a large quantity of small fish in the area were attributed to the using of Israeli-made fish nets that consist of three layers with small holes. Thus preventing small fish escaping.
The fishermen consider these types of nets as a major threat to fish stocks in the country. The nets are behind the current increase of prices on a number of fishes that have been overfished in coastal and regional waters. This has caused instability in the fish market, which had begun to settle after legislation was passed to restrict large-scale, foreign fishing in Yemeni waters.
The fishermen called on Fisheries minister to immediately intervene to confiscate the Israeli nets and to hold the people involved responsible before it is too late to safeguard our fish wealth.