IT illiteracy training course kicks off [Archives:2002/47/Local News]

November 18 2002

SANA’A- A training course in the field of administrative archiving is kicked off in Sanaa last Monday at the Yemeni Club for Information and Technical Education.
The training course, which will end on November 28, aims at promoting techniques to collect, gather and maintain information through providing the trainees with basic skills and vocational knowledge in the field of applying documentary procedures.
“Administrative archiving can be used effectively through mapping out a unified criterion and taking part in eradicating IT illiteracy through the use of modern technology with the aim of coping with state-of-the-art skills,” Mohammed Ali Rajeh, the General Manager of the Yemeni Club for Information and technical Education said.
In order to benefit scientifically as well as technologically from the training course, a host of eminent professors have been selected to teach the trainees. Among these professors is Dr. Mohammed Salman Ali, a professor in library science, documentation and information at Sana’a University, Dr. Raja Assalaily, an international expert in documentation and information, Mr. Mohammed Ali Rajeh, the General Manager of the Yemeni Club for Information and Technical Education and the Chairman of the Information Foundations Division and Mr. Sami Ali al-Khowlani from the National Information Center.
Practically, different information approaches have been dealt with specifically in the context of administrative and material archiving, the notion of classification, files administration, automatic documentation, preparing documentary database and use of Internet.
The training course aims at training those who work in archiving documents and information in different public as well as the private institutions and organizations.