It is time embargo on Cuba be lifted [Archives:2004/785/Local News]

October 28 2004

The economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed on Cuba by the U.S.A was the subject of a press conference held on Sunday October 24 at the Cuban Embassy's residence.
Mr. Roberto Rodriguez, Cuban Ambassador, attended the conference along with the commercial attache and first secretary in the Embassy.
A group of pressmen participated in the conference as well.
The ambassador gave a review of the history of the embargo, and a minute account of different unjust measures taken by the US against Cuba.
“The US seized about $180 million from Cuba's accounts in American banks at the beginning of the embargo. It has been preventing goods from entering Cuba and exercising pressure on other countries to cut their ties with Cuba,” the ambassador said.
With the embargo starting in 1962, the majority of the Cuban people were born during the embargo period.
“According to Geneva Conventions, the embargo is a genocide,” said the ambassador.
The embargo involves a large number of unfair sanctions. For example, Cuba is deprived of dealing in the US dollar; there are restrictions on people who travel to Cuba; US companies are prohibited from having any kind of relation with Cuba.
It is estimated that the more-than-forty-years-old embargo has inflicted a loss of $79325.2 million on Cuba.
The cause of the embargo goes back to early 1960s when Cuba nationalized properties. According to international laws, it offered compensation for damaged US companies, but the US government rejected that. Despite the UN General Assembly's resolution against the embargo, the US is still flouting the international system, victimizing other less powerful countries.
At the end of the conference, the ambassador answered several questions forwarded by journalists, clarifying some points of interest.