Italians Promenade in Sanaa [Archives:1998/20/Last Page]

May 18 1998

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship, which led to the establishment of diplomatic relationships between Italy and Yemen, the Italian Embassy in Sanaa, together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Yemen, have organized a series of cultural events.
The art exhibition, ‘Italian Promenade,’ held at the Bab Al-Yemen Gallery in Sanaa, was opened by the Minister of Culture, the Italian Ambassador and a large number of diplomats and dignitaries. The exhibition, which is due to last for one month, contains 48 paintings by Italian artists from various generations and backgrounds.
In addition to the exhibition, a week of Italian cultural activities was also organized, including food and baroque music.
The booklet accompanying the exhibition, written by Arnaldo Romani Brizzi has the following to say about Italian figurative painting:
‘Contemporary Italian painting and figurative painting in particular, is in fact enjoying excellent health, not only quantitatively but as regards the quality of aesthetic enjoyment that many painters succeed in giving us through their works.
“This being the case, it would be truly impossible to organize a group exhibition of Italian figurative painting that gathers together under one umbrella all the artists deserving to be singled out.
For this reason, “sample collections” can be provided from time to time, which present certain “family” trends, thematic and pictorial similarities in the more or less narrow sense of the word, and also some extreme “territories”.’