Itihad Ibb Loser but yet Distinguished! [Archives:1999/33/Sports]

August 16 1999

Ittihad Ibb was defeated by Al-Riad Al-Saudi of Saudi Arabia 3\5 in a very competitive match held last Saturday in the Championship of Arab Champions Cups in Boor Saeed, Egypt. The match was very vigorous and exciting especially after 3 goals were scored by Al-Riad. Most sport fans expected that Ittihad Ibb would have a very heavy defeat. 
However, things changed when Ittihad Ibb scored 2 goals by Ali Al-Nono & Abdul Salaam Al-Ghorbani. This resulted in strong pressure on Al-Riad until the end of the first half of the match. In the second half, Al-Riad was able to score 2 more goals, whereas Ittihad could only score one resulting in the 3/5 final score for Al-Riad. Despite the its loss, we have the right to say that Ittihad Ibb has done its best and shown great progress. Ittihad of Ibb has played two other matches; one with the Egypt team in which it was defeated 5\nil and the second with Al-Ahli Al-Sudani in which it won 6\5. The outcomes of these matches show that the Egypt Team is at the top spot with 7 points. The second place is for Al-Riad with 6 points, Ittihad Ibb is in the third place with 3 points, and Al-Ahli Al-Sudani was at the bottom of the list with only one point so far.