It’s good to marry educated women, but marrying uneducated is better [Archives:2008/1175/Community]

July 24 2008

By: Mofeed Al-Jaad
[email protected]

First, I'd like to express my deep thanks to Maged Al-Kholidy for his articles discussing social and political issues. I'd like to comment on his July 17 article published in issue No. 1173, “To marry educated or uneducated women?”

Al-Kholidy's article is completely true. Today's young men do prefer marrying uneducated women rather than educated ones because educated women behave in a superior manner, requesting their husbands give them endless demands that are beyond his ability.

For this reason, both educated and uneducated young men prefer marrying uneducated women because they have easygoing natures and don't ask their husbands a lot of demands like educated women do. Uneducated women simply desire to live happily with their husbands, so they accept sharing his simple life because they don't want to be a burden upon him.

Moreover, most educated women nowadays are practical, judging a man according to his economic and social status rather than his moral and religious status. It's said that the more educated one is, the more evil 3he or she will be; that is, educated women have cruel hearts and evil minds with which to think.

Most educated women deceive faithful young men seeking a marriage partner with their deceptive love and false promises. For example, a girl promises to accept an innocent young man as her future husband, but then refuses when the time comes.

My classmate's story is a clear example of this situation, as he dearly and purely loved one of our classmates, who promised at the beginning of their sophomore year to accept his marriage proposal following their graduation.

After graduation, my classmate met with her to inform her of their engagement arrangements, but she refused him, explaining, “You've just completed your studies and you have no job in order to make money. I'd like my husband to be employed and making plenty of money in order to meet all of my demands, so I can't accept you because you're not a proper husband.”

Looking at real life, we see that a large number of unmarried women are educated because the majority of educated young men prefer to marry uneducated women, thus leaving educated women to marry their jobs, which becomes a form of punishment for educated women, who hold a high view of themselves.

I want to clarify that I'm not against marrying educated women, as I believe that some educated women could be good housewives and make their husbands' home a heaven. I hope I've discussed this topic in a logical way that doesn't hurt anyone.