ITS students learn about charity [Archives:2007/1090/Local News]

October 1 2007

SANA'A, Sept. 29 ) The International Turkish School started distributing charitable foodstuffs to over more than 600 needy families on Saturday 29th 2007. The school targeted poor students in public schools and some other poor families. According to Abdullah Al-Backali, the campaign supervisor, the Turkish school launches this campaign annually. Last year the campaign targeted 1000 families while this year it targets about 600 cases only since the beginning of Ramadan since they didn't have enough time to collect much from contributors.

“Teachers, students and parents of TIS gathered aid for 600 poor families. The campaign reached, determined in advance, needy families whose children are studying at government schools at the First Region in Sana'a. For the families indicated by the Aid Campaign Committee, an arranged food package was distributed by the school staff and the students. The aid package contained the following items: rice, sugar, oil, and 1 box of chocolate,” said Fethullah Karakoc, the manager of ITS.

The public schools select about thirty students deserving of charity, then the Turkish schools distributes the foodstuffs according to the lists given by public schools. The foodstuffs are collected from students, teachers, businessmen and sometimes from businessmen in Turkey but not from companies. Each teacher is responsible for providing ten cases with foodstuffs that cost $15 for a case.

Teacher, Abdullhakeem Thabet mentioned, ” every teacher should commit to ten cases. The cost of these cases are taken off from the salaries of the teachers that reaches $200 for the Yemeni teachers and $700 for foreigners. The teachers should offer a list to the school including the poor families in his zone.”

Zaher Dhaifallah, 15, a student said, ” we ask our families and relatives to contribute to the campaign and we try to collect as much as possible.”