ITU Asia 2002 in Hong Kong Making tomorrow’s technology leaders [Archives:2002/49/Local News]

December 2 2002

The next ITU (International Telecommunication Union) event, Asia 2002, is being held in Hong Kong, China, from December 2 to 7.
The event aims to assist information and communication technology (ICT) leaders of tomorrow, and the IT is hosting a Youth Forum to bring together young men and women from each of the ITU members.
The ITU is the intergovernmental organization responsible for telecommunications development worldwide and has been a specialized agency of the United Nations since 1947.
Mr. Waleed Alrwaishan, Yemen’s nominee for Youth Forum Telecom Asia 2002, said, “ITU is now planning to extend the reach and frequency of regional events, in order to bring the latest in telecommunications to an ever-wider audience in a growing number of countries around the world.”
As part of its mission to improve global access to telecommunication services and economic and social benefits that come with this, the ITU organizes telecommunication events at a global and regional level on a regular basis.
TELECOM also remains an important element of ITU’s continuing efforts to promote international telecommunications as a prime driver of global economic activity, in partnership with major players from the telecommunication and information technology industries.
Participants in the Youth Forum will visit the ITU TELECOM ASIA 2002 Exhibition during the Dec. 2 to 7 meeting, and will attend forum sessions of their choice. Four sessions will be specifically devoted to the Youth Forum, with the following themes:
-Training and Technology which comprises, Building Digital Capacities in Youth Telecommunications for Transformation and the Right to E-Vote.
-Regulation and Policy also centers around the Digital Divide, More than just a Technology Divide
-ICTs: Innovation, Adoption and Inclusion
-Financing and Investment revolves around Empowering ICT Entrepreneurs, Sharing the Digital Dividend and Unlocking Digital Opportunities.
-Social/Cultural Factors focuses on Youth: Problems to Solve or Problem-Solvers? and Content Creates Context