IVF Assisted Mother Gives Birth to Triplet After 18-Year Infertility [Archives:2001/35/Health]

August 27 2001

The I.V.F. & Assisted Reproduction Centre-Yemen says it has succeeded in the delivery of the first IVF-ICSI TRIPLET babies in Yemen on August 9, 2001. Mother of the triplet babies has been suffering from an 18-year infertility. The babies, (2 male babies weighing 2200 grams each and 1 female baby weighing 2250 grams), as well as their mother, are doing well after delivery which was conducted by Dr Salam Omar Jibrel- the IVF Centre Medical Director, a specialist in IVF and Assisted Reproduction.
The centre is a joint co-operation between Yemeni and Jordanians to promote the high standards of reproductive health. It is worth mentioning that this is the first reported case in the medical literature with only using drugs for pituitary and gland down-regulation without the concomitant use of drugs to stimulate the ovaries. This case was reported to the Fertility and Sterility Medical Journal which is the official Journal of the American Society of Productive Medicine.
It is hoped that this good news will have its impact on many couples who are deprived of having children for a long time.