Jahm sheikhs released [Archives:2003/669/Local News]

September 18 2003

Sanaa, September 17 – The Ministry of Interior has released on Tuesday all Jahm sheikhs who were held captive for about a month and a half. According to tribal sources from Jahm, the release took place upon orders from President Ali Abdullah Saleh after successful mediations were carried out by Sheikh Mohamed Naj Al-Ghader, the Sheikh of Khowlan tribes. His involvement helped ease tensions between the Jahm tribe and authorities recently and eventually led to the release of the remaining 10 sheikhs of Jahm.
The sheikhs were arrested and taken captive in the beginning of August following a meeting with President Ali Abdullah Saleh at the Presidential Complex. An argument between the two sides in the meeting resulted in orders to have them and their escorts arrested.
Sheikh Al-Ghader told Yemen Times that he hopes “such cases would be resolved peacefully through the cooperation of all sides. Such troubles result in problems and conflicts that are not in the benefit of any side, Tribesmen can handle things wisely in order to resolve disputes without any harm. On the other hand, authorities need to ensure no violations or illegal actions are taken by security forces or other officials.”
“If both sides act according to law and order, no such crises would emerge.” he said.
The release came after tensions rose again in the region following the blasting of an oil pipeline last Friday after a mine bomb placed near it exploded. The ones responsible for the explosion, which led to the spilling of significant quantities of oil, are still unknown.
Such actions, including kidnappings and bombings, are usually carried out by tribesmen to express their dissatisfaction and deliver a message to the authorities in hope of having them respond to their demands.