Jahm threatens to take revenge [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

It is expected that Shiekhs of Jahm and tribes Jebr are to discuss today with the president of the republic the issue of handing over the killers of Shiekh, Saleh Obad al-Zaidi, who was killed on April 27.
A tribal source has denied of what has been published by the 26 September, the organ of the Yemen Armed Forces that the Shiekh started firing at soldiers.
The source has added that the interior officials have attempted to hide the killers.
The Shiekh, Saleh was shot dead by police in Sana'a on Sunday 27 April.
Five of his companions, including his eldest son, were seriously injured.
A statement issued by the Jahm tribe had accused security policemen of carrying out the shooting that took place in Asseteen zone street while sheikh al-Zaidi wan en route to Sana'a airport.
Al-Zaidi's eldest son told the Yemen times that the attack had taken place when he was in a saloon car and his father was in a Jeeb. “I was taken aback by a group of armed soldiers shooting the saloon car. The car was burnt and I was injured in my back,” he said.
“Concerning my father, he got off the car to see what happened. An ambush was set up and he was shot dead,” he further noted.
The Jahm tribe statement had further demanded the concerned authorities to bring the criminals to justice describing the operation as, “savage”.
The Jahm tribe threatened that if criminals would not be brought to justice, it will take revenge in “its special own way”.
It is worthwhile mentioning that the brigadier general, al-Zaidi was one of the prominent figures of the National Arab Ba'ath Party. He was one of the founders of the Oma al-Marek organization , (the mother of battles) in the 1991 Gulf war.