Jail and torture for innocent women [Archives:2007/1016/Local News]

January 15 2007

Nisreen Shaddad
SANA'A, Jan. 13 ) The illegal arrested, torture and rape of Anisa Al-Shuaibi represents the pitiful condition in which detainees live. She was accused of kidnapping and killing her ex-husband and endured the harsh prison conditions before finally being released after 48 days. The whole time her husband was actually alive in Jamal Jameel prison.

While imprisoned Al-Shuaibi was abused and raped and it was torture she should never have endured if the police worked her case correctly.

“Before arresting, police should investigate about the victim,” said Abdual Rahman Barman, one of the lawyers of Allow Corp. “Her former husband who was alive and jailed in Jamal Jameel until April 2003 while she was arrested in November 2002.”

Barman claimed the criminal investigation arrested her to satisfy particular individuals.

“The evidences I have is when arresting Al-Shuaibi, they didn't investigate her immediately, as is known in momentous crimes,” explained Barman. “In her case, the investigation must take place immediately when she arrives and three times a day to discover the contradictions of her speech. However, they investigated her on the fifth day after her arrest and it was the first and the last during the 48 days.

“The second was she was remitted to the section that is specialized for those who committed immoral crimes rather than to the section for murder,” explained Barman

The way they caught her; two grabbed her from her hands, two from legs and they threw her in the car. The fifth one stayed on her to not to make her move. These are all the irregularities Al-Shuaibi faced during her time in custody, according to Barman.

What's amazing is another group of men coming to steal from her house, said Barman explaining all the hardships Al-Shuaibi faced.

“Even the plates, they steal them,” said Harun, Al-Shuaibi's son.

Al-Shuaibi is trying to prove she was jailed illegally and tortured. It's been something she's been trying to do since her 48 day struggle, but now the suit is moving again.

Some believe the suit is arousing to serve particular political parties, however Barman says they've been trying to keep Al-Shuaibi's case alive the whole time.

“The file of this issue (problem) was at the presidency before two years. It was as well with the general prostitution and the Interior Minister and no one study her suit. Once we move this suit, they accuse us of politicizing the issue,” said Barman.

“Add to that instead of making a committee to take a stand in this issue, they called us to know how to solve this problem,” he added. “Do they want us to keep silent to not to accuse us of exploiting this issue and serving individual purposes?”

Al-Shuaibi is a soldier worked as a printer in the Interior Minister for fifteen years. She got married at twelve years old and had two children. She divorced after five years because her former husband married several women. She was going to marry her taxi driver; however, after arresting him for a week “he got almost crazy.” Now she is seeking a refuge to save her life as well her children's.

“When in prisons, we dare not to talk as the jailors threaten us with torture. Journalists and researchers can never discover the truth because there is a lot who hide it,” Al-Shuaibi stated. The state of the jail as she described is like pen.

“Sometimes they prevented us of going to the toilet as a punishment so that some of the prisoners urinated in the food plates. And then they brought the food in those plates themselves,” Al-Shuaibi continued.

With her son adding, “The blankets are dirty and lice-infested.”

The head of the criminal investigation unit, Rizq Al-Jawfi, refused to justify why he has been absent in the interrogation and said it's the Interior Minister who is in charge of answering the questions, as he said. The Interior Minister said they will issue a statement soon.