Japan extends its support to implement 3 Grass-Roots projects in Yemen [Archives:2004/765/Business & Economy]

August 19 2004

The government of Japan has decided to extend grants amounting to up to US $251,706 to implement the following three projects in the current Japanese fiscal year (April 2004-March 2005), under the Japanese scheme called “Grant Assistance fro Grass-roots Human Security Projects”.
1) A project for the Implementation of a Water Supply System in Al-Jaradi District Al-Mahweet Governorate, amounting up to US $89,164. The project aims at restoring a water supply project, which the Government of Japan implemented some fifteen years ago. The project, which will be executed by Al-Jaradi Water Committee, will assist the inhabitants in obtaining sufficient drinking water through a better water network.
2) A project to Providing Equipment to Produce TV Programs to raise awareness of Solid Waste Management, amounting up to US $81,522. The project is to be implemented by the Environmental Awareness Center in Sana'a. The center will procure modern electronic equipment to produce TV programmes and clips, to be screened by Yemeni national TV stations, in order to raise awareness about cleanliness issues country-wide.
3) A project for Providing Medical Equipment for the Mobile Ophthalmologic Clinic amounting up to US $81,020. The project will be implemented by Al-Nibras Health Society, a Yemeni NGO. The Society will use the grant to procure equipment necessary for ophthalmologic operations to be carried out at a nominal charge by its mobile clinic that tours different areas in Yemen to extend its services to the people in rural areas.
Agreements to this effect were signed today between Mr. Yuichi Ishii, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Yemen, and representatives of the recipients concerned, namely, Mr. Ali Al-Jaradi, Director of Al-Jaradi Water Project, Mr. Sharaf Al-Hamzi Director of Environmental Awareness Center and Mr. Abdulmoghni Al-Barrag, Chairperson of Al-Nibras Health Society.
During the current Japanese fiscal year, four projects under the above-mentioned Japanese scheme, including the above three, have been so far been financed in Yemen, amounting to a total of US $338,600. The scheme aims at supporting small-scale community-based projects in Basic Human Needs fields, such as primary health care, basic education and public welfare in developing countries, such as Yemen.