Japan grants USD 300,000 to implement 5 grassroots projects in Yemen [Archives:2004/722/Business & Economy]

March 22 2004

Under the Japanese scheme called “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects” the government of Japan has decided to extend grants amounting up to USD 300,000 to implement other five projects in Japanese fiscal year (April 2003 – March 2004). Those projects are as follows:
1 The Project for Livelihood Improvement Through Ecotourism in Socotra Island valued at USD 81,950. The project will be executed by Socotra Conservation Fund and aims at providing trainings to Socotra inhabitants on certain skills that could promote tourism in the Island.
2 The Project for small-scale gardening development for the improvement of Nutritive Status in Socotra Island, valued at USD 79,545. It will provide vegetables and fruits necessary for their nutrition.
3 The Project for the Irrigation of Farmland for the Improvement of Women's Income in Hubeish District in Ibb Governorate valued at USD 69,736. It will be executed by Hubeish Local Council and shall provide necessary irrigation to the farmlands in the area, increasing the income of women who work in those lands.
4 The Project for the Improvement of Solid Waste Management and Environment in Hamdan District in Sana'a Governorate, valued at USD 52,100. The project will be executed by Hamdan Local Council which will utilize the grant to improve the cleanliness situation in one of the major tourism destinations in Yemen.
5 The Project for Vocational Training for Unemployment Reduction Amongst the Youth in Taiz, valued at USD 17,282. The project will be executed by the Youth Centre and will enable the centre to procure machines and tools like sewing machines, Trico machines and weaving machines that would allow some of the youth in Taiz to gain more skills to face the requirements of life.
H.E. Mr. Yuichi Ishii, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Yemen on Wednesday has signed the agreements to this effect with concerned officials of those organizations, namely, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Eryani, Chairperson of Socotra Conservation Fund, Mr. Serge Di Palma, Head of Mission of Triangle Organization, Mr. Ahmed Al-Baseer, Chairperson of Hubesih Local Council, Mr. Atef Al-Mosali, Chairperson of Hamdan Local Council and Mr. Abdulla Sallam, Chairperson of Youth Centre. During this Japanese fiscal year, ten projects have been implemented in Yemen under the above-mentioned scheme, which aims at supporting small-scale community-based projects in basic human needs fields, such as primary health care, basic education and public welfare in developing countries, including Yemen. As of now, the total amount for those projects amounts up to USD 565,338. This remarkable increase in the budget of this scheme provides evidence of its success and close coordination with people's needs in Yemen.