Japan supports school for the deaf and dumbin Aden, and al-Mahweet Republican Hospital [Archives:2003/677/Local News]

October 16 2003

Two agreements were signed on Saturday in Sana’a under the Japanese scheme called “General Grant Aid for Grassroots Projects, which aims at supporting small-scale community-based projects in basic human need fields, such as primary health care, basic education in developing countries.
The first agreement was signed between Mrs. Hana Ali Naji, Chairperson of Deaf and Dumb Care and Rehabilitation Association and H.E. Yuichi Ishii, Ambassador of Japan in Sana’a. in accordance with this agreement, the government of Japan will extend a grant aid amounting up to $ 34,000 (Thirty-four thousand dollars), approximately six million three hundred thousand Yemeni Riyals to procure a transportation bus for school for deaf and dumb in Aden. The bus will enable those students of the school to reach their association smoothly and safely to obtain training on certain skills of income generation nature to assist them in facing the requirements of life and to make them feel they could be creative, independent and of use to their society.
The second agreement was signed between Dr. Mustafa Ali Abdu al-Howish, Manager of Republican Hospital in al-Mahweet and H.E Mr. Yuichi Ishii, ambassador of Japan in Sana’a. This agreement will make available to Republican Hospital in Al-Mahweet a grant amounting up to $ 28,000 (Twenty-eight thousand dollars), approximately five million one hundred and forty thousand Yemeni Riyals, to procure mobile X-ray machine and ultra-second machine, which will enable the hospital render better health services to the citizens of al-Mahweet City and neighboring districts.
These two projects are the first projects to be implemented under the above-mentioned scheme during this Japanese fiscal year (April 2003-March 2004). In the last fiscal year (April 2002-March 2003), the embassy of Japan extended grants under scheme amounting up to USD 468,368 to implement eight projects in a number of governorate.