Japanese support for rural water projectsOrange production of Mareb covers 60% of local demand [Archives:2004/802/Business & Economy]

December 27 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Japanese government has decided to offer two grants to be invested in water provision projects in rural areas in the governorate of Sana'a and the local council of Farie district of Mareb governorate.

The first grant amounts to $82.032 thousand for the improvement of waters network at Dar Ashareef area, the district of Jahanah, Sana'a. The second grant amounts to $24.987 thousand for building the health unit at Farie district. The local council would undertake its construction to met needs of health care for inhabitants of the district.

Japan had, as part of the Japanese program, last August given Yemen a grant for projects of human safety amounted to $50 thousand for improving water networks in five villages in the governorate of Sana'a and two grants worth of $155 thousand for improving medical services in Yemen.

On the other hand, agricultural sources mentioned that the growing of oranges in the governorate of Mareb tops all other types of fruits. The governorate's production covers 50-60% of the local market demand of this fruit. Produced quantities have increased noticeably after the rebuilding of the historical dam of Mareb under grant of the late Sheik Zaid Bin Sultan al-Nahayan, former president of the United Arab Emirates.

Head of Horticulture department at the State Authority for development of Eastern Areas Mohammed Izzi Kabie said in a press statement that growing orange in the governorate of Mareb represented a %23 of the total cultivated land area in the governorate. Orange growing spreads mainly in the districts of Mareb and the Wadi, whereas its plantation drops in remainder of areas because of drought and that has led to limitedness of its growing especially in the district of Hareeb.

Mr. Kabie estimated production of one hectare planted with orange trees by around 10-15 tons, calling the attention that collecting orange fruit begins in the beginning of October and continues until January and trees begin to blossom again in February.