Japanese support waste management in Yarim [Archives:2005/905/Local News]

December 22 2005

The government of Japan has decided to extend to Khadija Charitable Social Association a grant amounting to US$ 91,850, in order to help improve the solid waste management and hygienic conditions of Yarim, Ibb Governorate. The grant will be used to purchase 5 dumping trucks to support the cleanliness efforts of the city of Yarim.

Mr. Yuichi Ishii, Ambassador of Japan to Yemen, signed Sunday the agreement to this effect in Sana'a with Ms. Khairiya Mohammed Ismael, Chairwoman of Khadijia Charitable Social Association.

During this Japanese fiscal year (April 2005-March 2006), the projects funded by the government of Japan under this scheme has reached 17 projects amounting in total to approximately 1.59 million dollars, including the above project.