Japanese traditional games in Yemen [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

TAIZ, Nov. 28)The Japanese Traditional Games show will be displayed a few days later. It will feature mostly paper planes. It will take place in Sana'a and Taiz.

The show is organized by the Japanese Embassy, Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science and Culture, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Yemeni-Japanese Friendship Society.

The show will be staged at the Culture House in the city of Sana'a during December 4-11 and at the headquarters of Al-Sa'eed Foundation in the city of Taiz, 260 kms south of Sana'a, during Demeter 14-24.

It is noteworthy that the paper planes are considered to be among the traditional Japanese games. They had transferred from China to Japan about two thousand years ago and it was limited to the high class before the laity could enjoy them.