Japanese & Western grants for grassroots projects [Archives:2003/674/Business & Economy]

October 6 2003

Under a scheme called '' General Grant Aid for Grassroots Projects'' the Japanese government offers aid for organisations and societies in Yemen aimed at fighting poverty and meeting needs of the local community. Part of the program the Japanese embassy in Yemen has delivered $ 68.536 thousand worth medical equipment to Abs Health Center in Hajja to be benefited from in treatment at the TB and malaria unit at the centre.
The equipment included X-ray machine, ultrasound machine, microscopes and other laboratory equipment to help the center reduce morbidity and mortality of tuberculosis and malaria among the 200.000 inhabitants of Abs district. The Japanese scheme aims at supporting community small enterprises related to basic human needs field. The scheme focuses on offering aid for funding projects such as in the fields of primary health care, basic education and public welfare in developing countries including Yemen.
In the last fiscal year -April 2002-March 2003- the Japanese program offered assistance to Yemen amounting to $ 468.368 thousand to implement 8 small enterprises in Sa'ada, Amran, Al-Muhra , Sana'a, Hajjah, Dhamar, and Hudeidah.
Similarly, the Canadian program for development of local efforts for helping those of mines victims offered finances aimed at assisting the handicapped. In this context the Canadian program delivered 100 wheelchairs at a cost amounted to $12 thousand for the handicapped society at the district of Mansoura in Aden governorate. The wheelchairs would be distributed on school students, the handicapped and also the handicapped who are seeking for jobs.
An agreement was concluded between the handicapped society and the Canadian program for providing 200 wheelchairs casting $14 thousand.
The Canadian program for development also offers easy loans to the handicapped and so far there are 45 disabled beneficiaries from these loans.
Director of the Centre for rehabilitation of the physically disabled in Aden Ms Layla Bashmeila says that there are plans aimed at incorporating the handicapped with the society after the carrying out of social surveys to learn about the handicapped social circumstances.
There are several programs for offering aid for the handicapped in Yemen, including the German program GTZ, the French ++++Ria program, the Swedish program for childhood and the Gulf program offered by organisations working the field of fighting poverty and support for non-governmental organisations.