Jar Allah’s murderer stands trial [Archives:2003/632/Front Page]

April 21 2003
Jar Allah Omar
Jar Allah Omar
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A_ The court of appeal started its session yesterday in order to bring Ali Ahmed Jar Allah, the murderer of Jar Allah Omar last December to trial.
Mr. Jar allah Omar was shot dead after he completed his speech during the Islah congressional assembly in Sanaa.
The Yemen Public Attorney declared last week that investigations had been completed and both the Jarallah murderer along with the so-called Abed Abdurazzaq Mohammed Kamel who killed the US doctors in Jibla are to be stood trial.
The case has been described as “surprising” and “unexpected” by the Mohammed al-Mekhlafi, a member of the legal committee entrusted to follow the Jar allah's case at Yemen's Socialist Party.
On the other hand, an Islah official source expressed its surprise to announce the trial before completing investigations.
The source had charged the authority to exploit the case within the election campaign.
In the same context, the President and the Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has approved the death penalty against the so-called Annasher who was charged of killing three nuns used to work for lunatic asylum in Hodiedah in 2000.