Jarallah Omar: We will miss you… [Archives:2003/53/Viewpoint]

December 24 2003

His humbleness, sociable attitude, wide knowledge, and overwhelming courage compose his character. Seldom had he refused to attend an event he is invited to. His open-mindedness enabled him to create strong and wide connections locally and abroad. Most embassies and diplomatic missions appreciate him as an individual who stands by his principles until the very end.
He once confessed to me that the conditions of the Yemeni Socialist Party have deteriorated, especially as its assets were frozen. But with a sense of pride he would say, “We may have been subject to many unjust conditions including the freezing of our assets and exerting pressure from all sides. But I guarantee you that the fight will continue…”
He was a man with a strong and unbreakable determination. When you sit with him, you sometimes feel that he owns the world. He never expresses frustration or exhaustion. “Never give up” is one of his main themes.
In a time the symbols of the YSP have faded away one after the other, Jarallah Omar seemed to be fighting on behalf of all YSP members and leaders. He continued to stand by his party’s principles and pledge to continue forever.
He was a man with liberal ideas about life and freedoms. He used to stress on the importance law enforcement as a prerequisite of development. He used to criticize the phenomenon of carrying weapons, violence, and insecurity.
Even in his last words at the Islah assembly, he reiterated the need to control the flow and carrying of weapons in the country. But at the end, he became a victim of the evil phenomena he has been fighting all his life.
No matter what we do or say, we cannot give Jarallah the appreciation he deserves for his role in enhancing Yemen’s democracy to try and make it work. But has he reached his goal? Was he able to raise the standards of democracy in Yemen to the level he desired?
I don’t think so because opposition to his ideas was simply far stronger them him.
He left us behind struggling more with a democracy that is shrinking every day, but at least, we still have his spirit of strong will and determination, which will live with us forever. He taught us persistence and standing by our own beliefs no matter what happens.
May his soul rest in peace.