Jewish Delegation to Arrive in Yemen [Archives:2000/06/Local News]

February 7 2000

According to close sources a Jewish delegation headed by Mosa Al-Sharabi, head of the Yemeni Jewish Community in America, would arrive in Yemen in April, 2000. In a telephone conversation, Yemeni businessman, Mosa Al-Sharabi told the Yemen Times that the delegation would visit a number of governorates and have meetings with some Yemeni officials to discuss conditions of the Jews living in Yemen, Al-Shibzi case and the antiquities that the Jews have left behind in Yafe.
Meanwhile, Al-Wahdawi newspaper has reported that another delegation headed by Haeim Al-Taweel, a Jew of a Yemeni origin and two other rabbis are to arrive in Yemen next week. The visit is aimed at making sure whether the news about the destruction of the Jewish synagogue in Aden was true or not, the paper added.