Jews, Christians, Muslims and tolerance [Archives:2002/07/Focus]

February 11 2002

Tolerance is the buzz word ricocheting around politically correct circles over the past few years. What that really means is that all political, philosophical and theologically correct viewpoints must be tolerated, and any other viewpoints must be mercilessly squelched. The bottom line of this whole rhetoric is that the monotheists, such as Jews, Christians and Muslims have certain viewpoints that are hateful and must be silenced.
Throughout the US and throughout the world a new world religion is being drummed into our thoughts by countless organizations yelling that hate and intolerance originate with monotheists and that there has to be a better way to promote love, peace, and environmentalism. That way boils down to global pantheism, where god is in everything, especially nature, and everything is god.
The only people who can’t join the converging streams toward universal oneness are the devout monotheists, such as Jews, Christians and Muslims, who base their faith on the Bible or the Koran. Their religions preach one God, one sacred Book, and one door to eternal life. They can accept no other and must refuse to model their beliefs to fit an all-inclusive global spirituality. As such, groups refusing to go along with the new global ethic of universal tolerance will not be tolerated in the name of tolerance. This means that monotheists are on a collision course with the new paradigms of thought that are emerging and taking root in this new global alliance. We as members of this alliance will stop all Jews, Christians, Muslims, and anyone who threatens this world peace.
Matt T.
[email protected]