Jews from Yemen: We hate Israel [Archives:2004/801/Front Page]

December 23 2004

By Jacky Hougi
“We hate Israel because it is a Zionist state, not a Jewish state. We will not go there and neither will we allow our children to go there”, Sliman Jaradi, a Jew from Yemen, said.
Jaradi, who spoke to the “Ilaf” web site, said he and several hundred other Jews still living in Yemen, refused to immigrate to Israel because they believed the state had lost its Jewish character.
“Israel has no religion, Torah or morals. Your daughter is no longer your daughter, your son is no longer your son, and everyone does as he pleases. This is no way to run a Jewish family”, he said.
According to Jaradi, the Jews in Yemen have good relations with the Moslems. “We live adjacent to them and there is no problem. God bless the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh”, he noted.
Jaradi added that the number of delegations who arrived in Yemen in an attempt to persuade them to come to Israel has declined in recent years. “They used to come very often, offering us money, but we refused to leave our homes”, he concluded.