Jibla hosts 4th tourist festival [Archives:2006/970/Local News]

August 7 2006

By: Nashwan Dammaj
IBB, Aug. 6 ) Lasting for 6 days, the activities of the 4th tourist festival were launched yesterday in the historical city of Jibla.

This festival will include numerous activities relating to culture, sport, and arts and poetry, noted Ameen Al-Warafi, chairman of festivals committee and secretary general of Local councils.

Further, there will be accompanying exhibitions such as Ibb's first exhibition of books, an exhibition of women's clothes as well as agricultural, environmental and tourist heritage. There will also be an exhibition for Yemeni photos, paintings and different cultural competitions.

Locals from Jibla told the Yemen Times they are happy for having this festival there, but it would have been better if light was shed on the historical features of the city. It would be better, according to them, to restore the old historical buildings which are about to collapse, rather than to make such activities which do not reflect the natural importance of the city for tourism.

Ibb University will participate in this festival by holding cultural and educative activities and hosting two educational symposiums. The first symposium will address tourism's relation to the economy and the second one will discuss the importance of tourism at national and international levels. These two symposiums will discuss a number of working papers relating to tourism and development. Started in 2003, the festival is an annual tradition in Ibb aiming to promote development and tourism in the governorate.