JMP accepts vote result, denies deal with authority [Archives:2006/985/Front Page]

September 28 2006

By:Yemen Times Staff
SANA'A- Sept. 26 ) Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) denied that they accepted the vote-results of September elections for a deal with the authority to release the polling centers, where the vote count was suspended, in favor of their candidates.

JMP held a news conference last Tuesday in the presence of JMP presidential candidate, Faisal Bin Shamlan and other opposition leaders and approved their acceptance of the vote result.

In a statement distributed after the conference, opposition said the announced vote results lack support of the public, adding the ruling party used force to make the election results go to its advantage.

The statement confirmed that opposition will continue the peaceful and democratic struggle and claim comprehensive reform in different areas. These parties vowed to continue struggling until building the new state of institutions and law and order.

According to the statement, JMP is due to work hard on suggesting solutions to its economic, social and cultural problems, improving citizens' living standards and purifying the country from corruption.

Opposition parties ascertained that their participation in the presidential and local elections is based on their care for the national interest and social stability. They said they participated in the polls and at the same time acknowledged there would be no balance between both sides of the race, as the ruling party usually uses the state facilities in favor of its candidates. JMP affirmed the ruling party consequently did not maintain its commitment and has committed several violations and vote frauds.

Opposition mentioned several violations committed by the ruling party such as the partiality of official media, using government jobs and public money in favor of their candidates and terrorizing JMP members.

During the press conference, Dr. Yasin Sa'eed Nu'man, Secretary-General of Yemeni Socialist Party (YJP), said JMP has accepted the vote result, but still vows to investigate violations and frauds, which took place in the elections and reveal those behind vote fraud to the public opinion.

“JMP has not regretted participating in the presidential race, as the political action and interaction with elections is one of the most important achievements of the electoral process,” Nu'man added.

According to official sources, the ruling General People Congress welcomed the opposition's acceptance of the vote result, which gave Yemen's veteran President Ali Abdullah Saleh a landslide victory with 77.17 percent of the vote total.