JMP call on Yemenis to reject anticipated dose [Archives:2004/801/Front Page]

December 23 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana'a, Dec 21 – The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) opposition coalition called upon all Yemenis to stand against the anticipated economic dose that would result in a price hike of oil products. Through pamphlet distributed last Tuesday Dec 21, the JMP strongly urged all 'members of the community' to oppose the government's plan to implement the dose in the beginning of 2005.
The pamphlet said, “leaders and members of JMP should play a significant role in the public domain during the coming period to stand against and stop the plan of the government to lift subsidies of oil products, which will result in the skyrocketing of prices of all commodities and services. This dose has been proposed despite of the people's sufferings from the price hikes of foodstuffs implemented in the past, and which have already caused a lot of damage as a result of the government's wrong policies. Such a dose will expand the scope of poverty in a way that would threaten social peace in Yemen.”
“As part of our duty as opposition parties, the opposition political blocs in the parliament are going to stand against this killing dose in the parliament and try to stop it by utilizing its efforts to get majority of votes against it. That means this step requires the members of the GPC bloc to take a move,” the pamphlet added in an attempt to force the GPC members in the parliament to take a move not supporting the dose, because if they do support it, this may result in outrage among the public and potential anti-GPC sentiment.
The eight opposition parties called upon their leaders to unify their attitude to raise awareness among people in all constituencies about the effects of this price dose. They emphasized the need to urge all Yemenis regardless of political background or alliances to sign a petition to be presented to their representatives in the parliament asking them not to vote for any rise in prices of oil derivates.