JMP Condemns Madrid explosionsHolds state responsible for Al-Zendani’s fate [Archives:2004/722/Local News]

March 22 2004

The Joint Meeting Parties Board acknowledges the State's responsibility to respond to the claims of US Treasury Dept. The JMP, in its statement issued on Wednesday in its regular meeting, pointed out that the State is obliged to protect Yemeni citizens inside and outside the country, including Zendani.
The statement also denounced the silence of the Government and security apparati towards the kidnapping of Yemeni citizen Ahmed Salem Obaid in Cairo last month. It also called for the completion of the investigation into the incident Journalist Sadeq Nasher encountered on February 19, because of what he has published on the case of murder of Jar Allah Omr, former Assistant Secretary General of Yemen Socialist Party. The JMP warned the security authorities against continued aggression against journalists and writers and continued constrictions on freedoms and public rights. The statement also condemned the Madrid explosions and described them as threats to world stability.