JMP refused election law’s modification [Archives:2007/1074/Local News]

August 6 2007

SANA'A, Aug 2 ) The head of the Supreme Council of The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP ) Yaseen Sa'eed No'man expressed the JMP's absolute refusal for the modifications regarding the formation of the Supreme Committe for Election and Referendum ( SCER ), which was approved, by the government, and referred to the parliament, last week, to endorse it.

No'man affirmed that the approval of the government over the modifications in the elections law is considered a violation against the dialogue document signed by the ruling party, GPC.

No'man laid the responsibility of any collapse that may affect the dialogue, due to the modifications, on the GPC, “what the government of GPC has done is considered a clear breach for the dialogue since the formation of the SCER and its concerned issues is governed by law” No'man asserted, adding that “election law is one of the issues placed on the dialogue agenda, while the political and legal committeee was formed to change the agreements into texts.”.

Further, he added, “What the government of GPC did is considered a violation for the recommendations of the European Election Observation Mission that came to observe the election of the 20th of Sptember 2006.” He went further to say, “if the government continues in suggesting the laws concerning issues put on the dialogue table, we will lay the responsibilites of the results of those decisions on the GPC.”

No'man wandered about the attitude of the GPC, saying that there are only two interpretations to be explained about this law breach: whether that is a discord between the GPC and its government which makes it disable to controll its apparatuses, or the GPC has taken a decision to end the dialogue.

“We are in the JMP still believing that dialogue over the important issues is the way to save Yemen and neither GPC nor its government does have the right to tamper with the political life and they have to realize the risks of the collapse of the political life among the political extremes.” No'man expressed.

Some sources indicated that the government approved the modifications on the general law of elections and referendum. And, in accordance with these modifications a republican decree will be issued appointing nine members for the SCER out of 15 candidates, elected by the Supreme Council of Judiciary, which is headed by the President. The appointing is supposed to be based on specific requirements stated in the law in case that the ranking of a candidate is not beneath a judge in a supreme court and his age is not under 35 years old.