JMP refuses to submit representatives’ names to SCER [Archives:2006/965/Local News]

July 20 2006

SANA'A, July 18 ) Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) renewed their refusal to submit the names of their representatives in committees that will run in the upcoming presidential and local elections.

In a press release issued last Monday, July 17, JMP's executive authority said that they had looked at the letter sent by Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum (SCER), asking them to submit their representatives' names according to SCER's previous plan.

JMP declared their refusal from the beginning as these plans were made before SCER was amended according to the agreement recently made by both General People's Congress (GPC) and JMP.

JMP also reaffirmed their rejection of all procedures followed by SCER that have been made by one side and away from the agreement of principles.

JMP denounced SCER's adherence to the old system, which poses a threat to the elections' impartiality and legitimacy. JMP pointed out that the agreement of principles intended to correct the violations committed by SCER, which in turn is meant to conform to this agreement.

Additionally, JMP expressed their rejection of selective dealings with the agreement, as the agreement should be dealt with as a whole. According to the press release, correcting the electoral register and correcting the administrative status of SCER are the most important requirements.

Also, newly-added members should be allowed to perform their tasks. Furthermore, all SCER resolutions should be subject to discussion and they should be approved according to law and constitution, in a manner that expands the range of pubic participation and leads to free and impartial elections whose results will be defended by all.