JMP rejects the SEC Criterion [Archives:2002/35/Local News]

August 26 2002

In a letter to the Supreme Elections Committee (SEC), the Joint Meeting Parties JMP (8-Yemeni Opposition parties) expressed their disapproval over the SEC decision regarding formation of electoral committees from the education sector employees.
The JMP on Monday described the SEC decision as illegal and at odds with the elections law which stipulates that electoral committees members should be selected from among the political parties. They also confirmed their commitment to the criterion on which all the parties have agreed. Meanwhile, the JMP considered the SEC determination as enhancing law violations and affecting political pluralism negatively. The SEC move also proves that it stand is not neutral and would lead to the loss of billions taken from the mouths of the poor people to be spent on a false electoral registration period. However, the JMP called upon the SEC to ratify its allocations in the electoral committees according to the criterion which they have mentioned to be able to provide the SEC with their lists of representatives.