JMP &YJC support al-Khaiwani [Archives:2002/37/Local News]

September 9 2002

The Joint Meeting Party, (JMP) has strongly denounced the sudden attack on Abdulkareem al-Khaiwani, the Editor-in-Chief of al-Uma Newspaper and the Head of the Political Division of al-Haq Party last week.
He was outrageously beaten up by a group of gunmen when leaving his office at midnight last week. The JMP has described the attack as “brutal and cowardly act” and demanded for brining the criminals to justice.
On the other hand, the Yemen Journalists Syndicate, (YJC) has considered the attack as a grave offense to the freedom of press and the pressmen and to democracy.
The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, NODRF, has expressed its disapproval of the attack and expressed its solidarity with al-Khaiwani and al-Haq Party.
Al-Khaiwani is one of the prominent political figures who dedicated his writings against the corruption and the corrupt. His liberal writings and his adoption of tough stances have made him at loggerheads with the authority. Since his graduation in 1992 he has become a jobless person and therefore he was exposed to further harassment and recently he was attacked and humiliated by 8 armed men.